Roxane Loiseaux

Roxane trained as a coach with CTI, and as a systems and relationship coach with the Center for Right Relationship (Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching – ORSC). She is also a Leadership Embodiment practitioner. She has participated in various leadership programmes, including CTI’s and Oxford Leadership’s. She now works as an executive coach for AddVenture, Mountain Lakes International and Oxford Leadership, facilitating leadership development, team and one-to-one coaching. She is an authorised facilitator of The Leadership Circle Profile, MBTI (step I and II), Firo-B, the Team Diagnostic™ (Team Coaching International), Tetramap®, and in the process of certifying in the delivery of the Global Leadership Profile. Roxane’s portfolio includes body work, as a Nia™ practitioner, and spiritual work, through meditation and the study of the Enneagram. She is also a Council Guide, helping organisations apply the way of the council from native American Indians to their modus operandi.

Roxane studied philosophy (MA), sociology and English (BA) and her previous professional experience was successively as a teacher of languages in secondary education, a tour coordinator for a British tour operator and a project and client relationship manager for a Spanish consultancy.

Roxane has lived in the UK since 1996, and has also spent more than two years in Spain. French being her mother tongue, she speaks English and Spanish fluently, and some German.

Roxane Loiseaux MA CPCC PCC
UK landline: +44 (0)1684 574 107
UK mobile: +44 (0)7942 348 948
Spanish mobile: +34 609 424 078
Skype: thegiftofcoaching


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