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Why Questhills?

Having worked extensively with corporations worldwide, we at Questhills Ltd feel that the time has come to invest our experience of working with multinational companies into local businesses to contribute to the development of our community.

We have collaborated with some of the best consultants in the world and combine this experience with a knowledge of best practices in global organisations.

We understand the paradoxes of thinking globally whilst acting locally. We can hold the tension of both introducing change whilst at the same time focusing on what is working well so that you can see and create opportunities in difficult times. We can apply and develop key leadership, management and coaching skills in your company so that you can sustain the change processes over time.

We want to support local businesses to generate wealth through high productivity in a sustainable way. We also want people working for businesses to perform to the best of their abilities whilst having an increasing sense of well-being in their working and living environments.

We care about our local community being a thriving community.


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